Progetto Zonaton
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The origin of the name
Zonaton comes from the fantasy of two words Zone and Ton, with the first term means each area of ​​the body, the second, however, is nothing but the abbreviation of two other words TONIFICATION and REGGAETON therefore "tonification of each area of ​​the body through reggaeton ".
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What is Zonaton Fitness
Zonaton: it is "much more than a dance", it is a new discipline of fitness that goes through the culture of overwhelming Afro - Latin American music such as: Rumba (drum polyrhythm), Afro, Salsa, Bantu Cycle, Bachata, the Carabali, the Cha Cha Cha, the Aitian Franc, the Merengue and the Regueton (the most prominent musical genre of the moment) allow to practice and attenuate every single part of the body, paying attention to another of the posture. Each lesson is structured in such a way as to create an increase in intensity and calories so that the mind is completely relaxed.
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How Zonaton is born
After practicing many years of fitness activity with considerable success, Jose Ramirez notes during his lessons that, among the countless movements and the various musical genres used, the reggaeton is the dance from which the practitioners get the most benefits, in fact much of the lesson is based on reggaeton, the continuous movement of the pelvis along with that of the legs, shoulders, arms and back ensures the practitioner a constant exercise of every part of the body (in particular the buttocks) and a strong action on localized fat deposits usually on the hips, stomach and buttocks both on the muscles and in the movement they go to harden the most difficult areas such as triceps or inner thighs. How many women spend long hours in the gym in front of the tools looking with great effort and sweat to reach the famous side b so envied to the South American?

From today these results can be achieved through fun, that's why the slogan:
"Zonaton, the activity for you" !!
Da oggi questi risultati possono essere raggiunti attraverso il divertimento ecco perché lo slogan:
“Zonaton, l’attività che fa per te”!!
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